Places to Eat

We are fortunate at Thornton Lodge to have the original and beautifully panelled dining room with its' amazing fireplace where breakfast is served each morning between 8.30am and 9.15am. Please see the seperate page detailing what is available for breakfast.

We are also most fortunate in the number of good quality pubs nearby that serve food on an evening. It's worth remembering that if you are going out for a special meal that you've booked ahead of your stay and want a taxi (or indeed just decide you want a taxi) they need to be booked in advance so here are the numbers: 

Peacocks - 07969491251 -01969 650212/650465. Steve 07959662785 -01969 625635. Streetwise (Nobby) 07919911677. Please do take notice of this advice if you might want a taxi as some guests have been upset when they couldn't organise one last minute.

Places to eat

In no particular order, we have: (click on the names and it will possibly open a new page showing their menu or website, my site will stay open in the original tab). I've had to update the page as a few issues exist in the Dales. Recently I've learned that owing to staffing shortages some establishments are closed on certain dates, including the Crown in ASKRIGG, which isn't listed below but just does walks ins, however they're now closed on Mondays. Sadly, owing to serious health issues, the White Rose in ASKRIGG is currently closed until further notice, which means that on a Monday the only place to eat there is the Kings Arms, which is putting them under huge pressure and has a knock on effect on other places too. Booking ahead for places to eat is clearly in everyone's best interests again this year and will avoid disappointment and stress - hopefully it goes without saying that the places open are doing their very, very best to feed everyone so please be kind to them if they seem a little over stretched at times. Also, I'm not sure why the Wensleydale Heifer has vanished off my list - probably something to do with when I had my website updated? They're a n award winning fish restaurant and have book a table on their website which works really well as you can see which days they've got availability and what times they can do tables so you can book without having to phone up. The Fox is over the road from them and TC, who is in charge of the kitchen there is a wonderful lady producing really good quality home cooked dishes in a proper Dales Pub. Sadly i cant work out how to add a link to their menu in the time I have to devote to this update so please feel free to google them! (The fox and Hounds, West Witton).

Aysgarth 01969 663358 (3 miles away) need to book pub with restaurant

Aysgarth 01969 663775 (3 miles away) need to book hotel with restaurant

Carperby01969 663216 (4 miles away) need to book Dales pub with bar meals and restaurant

Bainbridge 01969 652060 (2 miles away) most expensive - 3 rosettes, need to book

The Kings Arms Askrigg                                                                                                                            Askrigg 01969 650113 (2 miles away) need to book. bar meals and restaurant

The Fox                                                                                                                                                             West Witton 01969 623650 (5 miles) need to book * traditional Dales pub                                                                                                                                                                                       serving bar meals.

Askrigg 01969 650515 (2 miles away) currently closed due to ill health

East Witton 01969 624273 (15 miles away) need to book

Leyburn 01969 622206 (11 miles away) currently closed Sun.Mon.Tue need to book

Hawes 01969 667214 (7 miles) currently closed Mon, Tue need to book

Hawes 01969 667664 (7 miles away) part of the visitor attraction booking reccomended

The list is not exhaustive and we do have other places nearby as well as further afield which allows guests to sample a variety of Dales dining experiences at budgets to suit most pockets. I am always happy to make suggestions for places to eat and to book tables if required. The Wensleydale Heifer generally needs to be booked in advance of arrival owing to it's popularity as one of Britain's premier seafood restaurants.