Thornton Rust sits along a single track lane, above the main A684 through Wensleydale. The lane joins the A684 at Worton in the west and Aysgarth in the east and there are brown tourism signs at each of these locations. If you miss one, you can drive the 3 miles or so and pick up the other one, rather than needing to turn around and backtrack!

From the west the A684 joins the M6, or other routes meander cross country, coming out near the A684 which you'll need to pick up. After Bainbridge, travelling eastwards watch out for the sign for Worton on the main road and there is a sharp right hand turn up the hillside at our brown tourism sign (nb at times it might be obscured by vegetation). Thornton Lodge is a mile along the lane, on the right hand side, before you get to Thornton Rust. We have a big stone wall around the house, with a brown tourism sign pointing into the gates. When driving through the gates from the west, you need to turn slight right to start driving through them and then turn left to be onto the driveway that goes to the front of the house (almost like driving straight along the lane you'd been on) where the b&b is. 

From the east, we are 11 miles further west than Leyburn, our largest town which can be reached from Scotch Corner or Leeming Bar on the A1 or cross country coming out in the Aysgarth area. At the west end of Aysgarth on the A684 there is a bend in the main road with black and white chevrons on it, signed for both Thornton Rust and Thornton Lodge (brown tourism sign). The house is 2.5 miles from this sign, passing through the hamlet of Thornton Rust and visible across the fields once the last house in the village has been passed. The part of the house facing you as you drive is the b&b, the rest is my private residence. We have a large stone wall around the grounds with iron railings and at the gateway there is a brown tourism sign in the lane. The house is on the left hand side of the road and you need to turn left into the gates and left immediately again so you're almost turning back on yourself, to pick up the drive to the front of the house.

Arrivals are between 4-6pm or by arrangement.