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These are some pictures I was given by Philip Ellis initially, of Salmon caught on the stretches he guides. As I have pics of my boys fishing and I am of the philosophy you can never have enough photo's to look at, I cant guarantee this album will stay devoted to salmon!

For people who might have stumbled onto these pictures without being into fishing, it's actually a really lovely sport. I married a 2nd generation fisherman - hubs fished out at sea with his dad as a teenager on a 16ft boat and the stories of their adventures are lovely. My boys both caught their first fish when they were 4 - on the same trout pond at Pickering as it happens and even I can catch on a trout pond! We've had many happy holidays catching tidlers in warm foreign waters - all humanely released again or given to locals who would eat them for their supper. The thing that gives me a fuzzy glow about their fishing is how it links the 3 generations now. My boys have been in the habit of accompanying their grandfather for a weeks loch fishing in Scotland each summer and more latterly in Skye where they compete with each other to catch and release Rays. Whilst I struggle to get them up on a morning for work and school - if they've got an early start for fishing they miraculously sort themselves out! Put either of my lads in a room with a fellow fisherman of any age and they're in their element. They have been given items of tackle by complete strangers on holiday, given books by older anglers wanting to pass on their own knowledge and learned to be respectful of older people who've had so many more seasons fishing a spot and can save them a heap of frustration by sharing their expertise. I'm really excited for my boys as we now have our own little boat for them to take out to sea whenever they can. So instead of being on their phones or games consoles they'll be actively engaged with their dad and grandfather which is a fab balance against todays tech world. Oh, and girls fish too - my nieces, my eldest lad's girlfriend and I am testement to that, but I type too many words sometimes! 

  • Salmon number 1
  • fine catch
  • the uncropped version
  • lovely fish
  • Countryfile moment
  • -
  • still in the water
  • artistic rod
  • happy fisherman
  • comparison
  • another off Philip
  • the Ure on the Castle Bolton Estate
  • from Brian
  • Brian Towers
  • My youngest lad at Pickering Trout pond a few years back.
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