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A few years ago I read about the work of the River Ure Salmon Trust which hoped to restore the Ure to its position as one of Englands' premier salmon rivers. A deal of dedication and hard work has meant the salmon are back and May 2014 saw my first hosting for a small group of friends who used the house as a base for a 5 day holiday fishing a couple of beats on Bolton Castle land.

I've now been contacted by a fantastic chap : Philip Ellis, who has over 5 years experience guiding for Salmon and Sea Trout, the salmon mainly on the River Ure.  Philips number is 07930073921 if anyone would like to speak to him directly about his services. Alternatively I can contact him on your behalf to see if he is free when you'd like to stay at the house.

Fishing with Phillip would either be on one stretch of water owned by people who charge £35 for a day ticket, or on another stretch which I did name but was called and asked not to mention on line, hence this oddly worded sentence, which is £50 - these will shortly be bookable online throught Fishpal. Both these locations are near Masham which is around a 30 min drive from me. Philip can either meet guests at the fishing venue or collect from here - this is a huge bonus for people wanting a little help on their first day! He can provide half and full day guiding and also rod hire if needed and has flies available for purchase.

This is in addition to the Salmon Fishing in the valley closer to the house. The Bolton Estate has 3 stretches of water that can be fished with 2 rods that can be booked online with a third sometimes available by calling the estate office. Their rates vary by stretch and month - mostly £25-£40 per day but rising to £95 on the Thoresby stretch in October. The Thoresby stretch encorporates Froddle Dub Pool, which is probably the most prolific pool of the Ure, with fish stacking up all summer waiting to run Bishopdale beck to spawn. This beat has approx 10 good pools on it and is accessed via 4wd. Brian Towers is the expert on this stretch of the Ure - he spends most of his time on the Castle Bolton estate but does cover other stretches and works with Philip too. His contact details are : 07850 727132 briantowers@hotmail.co.uk and he has a website Yorkshire fly casting. Brian teaches fly fishing and casting and demonstrates at shows. If you click on either the underlined Bolton Estate or Yorkshire fly casting you'll open a new page with details of both.

I have space within the house for guests to tie flies if needed - my youngest son became keen on doing this when he was only 14 so it's amazing what I know! I  have ample space, either in the garden or if more privicy is required, in my fields to practice casting. I've also got space to store long rods to save dismantling them at the end of each day.

For anglers wanting a break from salmon, there's also a trout pond up near Hawes and permits can be obtained for course fishing both on stretches of the Ure around a mile's walk from the house (mostly uphill on the way back I'm afraid) or on some parts of Lake Semerwater which is a 3 mile drive away and a lovely location. The Ure is a fantastic river for both Grayling and Trout, the best stretches being between Ripon and Hawes. (Hawes is 7 miles west of Thornton Lodge). On goflyfishing.com it says that the Ure has great fly hatchings all year long and the varied waters make it an exceptional place to learn both modern and historic fly casting techniques. Day permits for the 2.5mile long River Bain (Englands shortest river) which runs out of Semerwater to Bainbridge can be purchased from the Rose & Crown pub in Bainbridge for £10 - an 8ft rod is fine for the river and small brown trout are the main catch. Bainbridge is a lovely village around 2.5 miles from the house and has a great little tea shop that can do takeaway sandwiches, cakes etc called the Cornmill tearooms. Geographically speaking we're bang in the middle between Semerwater and the Bolton Estate stretches of land making for an interesting and varied range of fishing options. Check out the River Angler page about the Ure by clicking here.

To round off on the fishing, Adam - my younger boy also loves smoking the makerel he catches with his grandfather off the coast at Teesport. We're still defrosting and eating 2015's catch but now have our own fast fishing boat so I'm expecting more from him for 2016 which we'd be happy to share with guests who'd like some for breakfast.

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