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Wensleydale is fondly reffered to as the 'Broad Dale' as it often feels as though you are simply in rolling hills rather than a valley. It is home to the shortest river in England - the Bain which flows between Semerwater, one of Yorkshire's few natural lakes and Bainbridge. It is also one of the few Dales not named after the river which flows through it. In the case of Wensleydale, the river is the Ure whilst Wensley is a tiny village which was once a market chartered, bustling place where sheep sales took place.

It has 3 parts to it, being Upper, Middle and Lower Wensleydale. Thornton Lodge is in Upper Wensleydale whilst Leyburn (11 miles to the East) is in Mid Wensleydale and Bedale is in Lower Wensleydale. Our bit, in Upper Wensleydale merges into Cumbria if you keep going Westwards. 

I have made notes on some of the villages and/or attractions within Wensleydale which can be accessed in the menu to the left.

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