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If you have any questions you would like answering, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by leaving a mesage on my answerphone at the house or emailing me at enquiries@thorntonlodgenorthyorkshire.co.uk. Due to GDPR the simplest way to comply with one of their privacy issue rules was to remove the contact form from my website, so please copy and paste the email address into your own email system - a bit more work for you i'm afraid but it will keep the lovely people in Brussels happy (maybe?).

The map above shows exactly where Thornton Rust is within Upper Wensleydale and the google maps to the right of the screen is interactive so you can zoom in and out.

We very much want guests to enjoy a fabulous break in our home, if there is any special arrangement we can make to enhance your stay, please let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate your request.

If you would like to know what previous guests thought of their stay at Thornton Lodge please have a look at either the guest comments tab or the trip advisor page (click on the badge at the bottom of the page). Whether you are a solo traveller, a couple, someone bringing their parent/s away for a very short break, a family or a group I think you will find a comment or experience that will give a feel for how a stay at Thornton Lodge has been for someone just like you, so why not come and be spoiled a little?

Privacy Policy

Being someone who has never, ever direct marketed my guests I find this a little perplexing but need to comply, so here goes (and please excuse any apparent 'corporate speak' as this process seems intent on depersonalising interactions).

If you use my website, send me emails or book to stay with me, I will have access to various bits of information about you. Some of these 'bits' becasue of my own inabilities to use technology particularly well will be hidden from me unless I put some effort into attempting to work out how to access them - but they will be there regardless and i am sure I have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that despite my not accessing that data, noone else will access it either - that's what our friends at google promise and I have no grounds to disbelieve them.

So, if you email me, i  will have your email address. The only thing i  will do with that is reply to you. If you would then like me to delete your email address off my laptop, then please feel free to message me at any time asking me to do so. Unless you  do that your address will stay on my laptop until i have one of my big winter sort outs and delete stuff i dont need anymore. 

If you book to stay with me I will need your address and a contact number in order to be able to allow you to stay at the house - this is a legal requirement, or at least the address bit is, the contact number is so that i  can get in touch with you if you're not here by a safe arrival time (i  do worry about people who dont turn up!). If after your stay you want me to delelte this information off my laptop,  let me know. If you book through my online booking engine (qbook), I've paid their fee to have their legally worded privacy policy attached to the booking confirmation. It mentions being able to do all sorts of things I dont actually do (such as direct market you) but it was easier to pay the £40 than type something they might object to and their wording covers the fact they are data processors. If you book through an online travel agent (which i genuinely wish you wouldnt and would book directly! - but i understand how easy they've made it for people to use) - this is the likes of booking.com etc, if you use their site you're their customer and I'm just providing the place you're staying at so they hold your data and have thier own privacy policy. They dont pass on your email address, making one up for you within their system but they do pass on your address and phone number, which disapears a few weeks after your stay or at the point you cancel if you decide not to stay. I dont make a seperate note of addresses but i sometimes end up with numbers in my mobile if i've needed to call or text about something. Again, i clear these off my phone from time to time but if you want it deleting sooner, just let me know - I generally dont go to the lengths of creating a contact for the number, unless there has been a situation where i've been expecting a significant number of messages or i've needed to be sure who is on the line when a call/text was due.

Regarding accessing my website (and thank you for that). As far as I'm concerned that's it. but as far as GDPR is concerned, it isn't. So, my understanding is that you leave a trace of where you've been and google and the other search engines have all that data. They supply tools called analytics( in googles case) so people like me can try to see how many people visit their sites. Some people (organisations) are really into inspecting this data. I'm more interested in seeing whether the adverts i've paid for on other websites are attracting people to my own site. To this end i do have google analytics on my website, but not any of the others and i use that sporadically during the year (usually when i  get asked to renew a listing I've paid for). When i  access google analytics all i  check for is to see the ranking of the websites i've advertised on in terms of visitor numbers to my website. Apparently you can go into your computers settings and make it so that information isn't collected. I have no idea how to do that but if you're that into your privacy, i'm pretty sure you haven't accessed my privacy policy in order to learn how to protect your own privacy and will be able to work out what to do without my having to look it up and type it here!

I think that's everything - if it isn't I'm sure some well  meaning soul will email me (without my consent) to point out my shortcomings and I will endeavour to apease them. In the meantime, i  will carry on as i  have for over a decade, being a diligently thoughtful host and not direct marketing my lovely guests, nor selling their data, nor doing anything whatsoever to endager the safety of any personal information i might hold about them. 



Thornton Lodge
Thornton Rust
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01969 663375

01969 663375
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