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Our Rooms

On this page we have details of the guest bedrooms at Thornton Lodge. If you click on the individual photo’s you will be taken to a page with more details on the individual room. We believe that whether you are looking for a bed and breakfast in Wensleydale to relax and explore the countryside, a romantic Yorkshire Dales retreat or a North Yorkshire Guest house in an idylic setting you will find a room to suit at Thornton Lodge.

Please note that I offer b&b on the basis of guests staying at least 2 nights and also that I limit the number of guests staying at the house on any one night to a maximum of 12 people. My accessible room is only for people who have a genuine need for it. My rooms are priced according to their size and size of the bed so whilst my 4 poster rooms are more expensive than my kings that is because they are 6ft wide beds rather than 5ft wide and the rooms are twin aspect, have bathrooms with views and the rooms are a bit bigger, and not just a case of charging more for a fancy bed. Similarly, the huge ground floor room is an extra £5 on top of the 4 posters because it's genuinely massive and about twice the size of the kings, which are all bigger than most b&b bedrooms to start with.

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